A Superboy called Reuben

I was scrolling through facebook and came across a post asking about accommodation with easy access for a family whilst major adaptation work was being carried out in their house for their severely disabled son Reuben.

Reuben has an extremely rare genetic disorder called Joubert syndrome that effects the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination.

Now here is the point of the blog entry, although I wasn’t able to help with the accommodation I’m looking to help in anyway possible with the decoration once all the work is completed and i’m looking for any help that you, my fellow decorators can give, even if its just an hour of your time.

I’ve seen from previous posts on the decorators forum how willing a lot of you have been to help for a worthy cause and i’m sure the same will be the case this time.

The adaptation work is due to start soon and will be ready for decoration by January, my plan is to get as many decorators and paint suppliers etc on board and get Reuben and his family back into their house as soon as possible once the construction work is completed.

If you would like to help or require more information then please feel free to either message me on facebook, email me at clarkkentdecorators@icloud.com or call me on 07725733078

Here is a link explaining more about Reuben’s story https://www.facebook.com/Reubens-Journey-with-Joubert-The-Superboys-Adventures-856180454407037/

Reuben 2.jpg

Time to think about Exteriors

With spring just around the corner (hopefully!) its time to think about protecting the exterior of your property, it is recommended that exterior woodwork is repainted every 5-8 years depending on how professionally the work is carried out and the quality of the products used to ensure protection of the material underneath.

Here at Clark Kent Painting & Decorating spring/summer is our busiest time of year due to customers needing both exterior and interior work carried out and we get booked up fast so it might be time to start thinking about getting those exteriors protected and those interiors decorated.

Clark Kent Painting & Decorating only ever use the finest materials for the job and our work is carried out to the highest possible standards ensuring protection for your property and all work is fully insured and guaranteed for your peace of mind.

So if the exterior of your house is in need of repair or protection or the interior could do with some freshening up then why not give Clark Kent Painting & Decorating a call for a free, no obligation quote.





Rip out, Rebuild and Reigate continued

Following on from my previous Reigate post, I was asked to remove the structure (as seen in photos) to create more space in this loft room, I was unsure as to whether or not this was possible before removing the boxing in but as soon as i removed it I was pretty sure that it was structural and therefore should be covered back up.

There was a purlin set into the wall and running the length of the skeiling with struts on the far end for support, this was clearly here to stop the skeiling sagging from the weight of the roof, so with consultancy from a builder the decision was made to cover it back up.

This was done with a double skin of plasterboard which was cut to size, fixed, joint taped, skimmed and decorated, the rest of the room was redecorated using Dulux Trade Diamond matt emulsion for durability and a feature wall was lined and wallpapered.

The Ensuite Bathroom was decorated to match the connected Master Bedroom and tie in with the green tiles in Mylands Marble matt Brompton Road with ceilings in Dulux Diamond matt for moisture resistance and woodwork in Caporol waterbased satinwood.

Reigate, Mylands marble matt and a regular customer

I love working on this house not only because of the lovely family but also because of the beauty of the house itself and bold colour choices of the customers to really show it off.

I have previously decorated the Hall, Stairs & Landing, Front Living Room and Exterior of this amazing property and have been trusted to transform the Master Bedroom, Daughters Room, Ensuite and Top Bedroom this time around.

I still have the Ensuite and Top Bedroom to do but heres the work completed so far.

Master bedroom has been decorated using Dulux Vinyl Matt on the ceilings, Mylands Marble Matt Brompton Road on the walls and Caparol aqua satin on the woodwork.

The other bedroom is the same as the previous apart from wall colour which is Mylands Marble Matt Oratory, I think you'll agree both are stunning colours that really work in a property such as this.